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Steiff Limited Edition Teddy Bear Livingstone

"Wearing his famous safari suit"Steiff Livingstone is made from caramel coloured felted mohair and has light wool felt paw pads. He is dressed ready for his explorations in the jungle! Doesn't he look..

£160.00 Ex Tax: £133.33

Steiff 135 Year Jubilee Teddy Bear

"A bear together with a felt elephant"Steiff 135 year Jubilee Teddy Bear has been designed to celebrate the year of 1880 when Margarete Steiff began her dress-making business in Giengen, Germany. This..

£199.99 Ex Tax: £166.66

Steiff Bellamy Mohair Teddy Bear

"Paw pads made from patterned leather"Steiff Bellamy Teddy Bear is made from the finest beige mohair and is fully jointed. When it came time to create Bellamy, the Steiff designers looked not to their..

£164.99 Ex Tax: £137.49

Steiff Ben Tipped Mohair Teddy Bear

Collectors item not a toy Tipped mohair has been used in the creation of Steiff bears for decades. As an early innovation of the German fabric Steiff Schulte, tipped mohair was readily embraced by Ste..

£224.88 Ex Tax: £187.40

Steiff croupier Teddy Bear

"For all those who like a 'flutter'!"Steiff 'Croupier' Teddy Bear is such fun! He is made from the finest blond mohair and is fully jointed together with black eyes and hand embroidered mouth and nose..

£199.99 Ex Tax: £166.66

Steiff Goldi Teddy Bear

"A lovely sized bear with the famous Steiff growl"Steiff Goldi Teddy Bear is a beautiful teddy bear and would make a lovely addition to any collection. Goldi is so called because she is made from the ..

£250.00 Ex Tax: £208.33

Steiff Limited Edition Anushka Teddy Bear

 Limited edition of 1500 pieces worldwide  Collectors item not a toy In Russian, the name "Anushka" is short for "Anna" which means "ray of light". That's why our Anuska Teddy bear is..

£169.99 Ex Tax: £141.66

Steiff Replica 1912 Teddy Bear

"A Gorgeous Bear!"Steiff Replica 1912 Teddy Bear is made from the finest jet black mohair with a golden hand stitched nose and mouth with matching golden satin bow. This beautiful replica teddy bear h..

£224.88 Ex Tax: £187.40

Steiff Vanilla Replica 1906 Teddy Bear

Steiff Vanilla Replica 1906 Teddy Bear is made from the finest mohair in a gentle vanilla colour and is fully jointed. When the historic original of our 1906 Replica Teddy Bear first saw the light of ..

£250.00 Ex Tax: £208.33